Bullseye Pom Poms

CODE: Bullseye Pom Pom

Price: HK$0.00

Minimum quantity for "Bullseye Pom Poms" is 8.

Choose from 3 colours, 1st colour is centre, 2nd colour middle and 3rd colour outter. All materials available to use from metallic, wetlook, holographic, zebra or plastic, these professional standard pom poms come pre fluffed with invisible centre baton handle.  Each pom pom has international delivery included in the price.  If you choose a baton handle pom pom, they bullseye will appear on both ends.  It is recommened you choose a dowel handle or loop handle for the full effect of this style of pom pom. Pom poms are not sold as a pair, priced individually.